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Battle of the Stouts

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So I have discovered YETI from Great Divide Brewing Co. It rivaled my favorite Imperial Stout. Brooklyn's Black Chocolate Stout. Tonight I decided to do a blind taste test. I got them crossed according to my favorite beer test administrator and wife.


I never realized that Black Chocolate Stout actually has fruity hints.. I guess it's the esters. Esters can be a result of the ale yeast. YETI has a bit more dark malt bite. To be honest before the head to head I was convinced that YETI was going to beat out Black Chocolate Stout as my favorite. But I guess I am going to have to stick with Brooklyn after a pure head to head.


Don't get me wrong. Just because BCS won is no reason to diss YETI. It is an incredible product.


They are both about the same darkness. Both have very fine heads. They look about identical. However the aroma is little sweeter on the Brooklyn side. Perhaps a little hoppier on the YETI side. YETI has a little better mouth feel. Brooklyn beers tend to have the 'Brooklyn' flavor. That's what really threw me off on the blind taste test. I think that the YETI has just as much 'Brooklyn' as does the BCS. I guess you would have to drink Brooklyn beer to have any idea what the heck I am talking about. So all said and done. I'll take a keg of both for my bar..


I am going to send a couple to Broomeman. I'll let you know what he thinks...


P.S. Black Chocolate Stout is 10.6 % and YETI is 9.5%


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