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Cider - Mead - Melomel - Metheglin - and more Cider

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This weekend I re-racked my merry mead and added some raspberries to one gallon, cinnamon sticks and vanilla beans to another gallon, and bottled a gallon. It's still young and cloudy but should clear up here soon. I bottled some cider, kegged some cider, and started oak aging some applejack.

Philco Kegerator - Almost Done

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Well here she is in all her glory. There are still a few things to be done.I need to fabricate some custom tap handles, purchase and polish the aluminum CO2 tank, and install the hoses and regulator. I am also going to create a custom stainless steel shelf for the bottom. I need to connect up the drain connections as well. Expect more photos to come.

Philco F915 Kegerator

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Fresh Hard Cider

cider.JPGcider1.JPGI made cider again this year, although I did not press my own apples like last year. I did use fresh Michigan cider however. I made five gallons with Lalvin D-47 and another five with Lalvin K1-V1116. I have sampled the D-47 it was really good. I like to make it a little on the dry side because I don't really like to arrest the fermentation. I hope that I can put some on tap in December when I finally get the finances to finish my Kegerator. In the meantime I will bottle some up and throw it in the beer fridge.

Bell's 25th Anniversary Ale

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Bells_25.JPGBrewed with Michigan grown barley according to the label, this brew pours a nice deep malty red. Hang on I am going to diverge for a minute. This ale of course is red, like a barley wine red - which reminds me of the first Brooklyn Monster which was red, not ale red, not barley wine red, red, not quite crayola red, but close - odd huh, never have seen anything like it since. The first year Garret did it, and the last. After that it looked just like any other barley wine. Anyhow back to Bell's, the hops really hit you, a bit like a light barley wine that is really hopped. Very good and especially so considering the last 'special' brew from Bell's I had was Batch 9000, and it was crap. I really should quite writing about it since I have already diverged and am now using the word very - a meaningless term - so good night, and try it if you get the chance it's like a chilling mountain stream under the shade of a lodge-pole pine. (It has a bit of a floral arrangement going on in the bouquet).


Drip Tray Sprayer

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sprayer.jpgPhilco_F915_b.jpgThe Philco's drip tray sprayer and drain are installed. The sprayer will wash out the tray keeping it and the drain from getting sticky with beer residue. 

Scotch Ale

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homebrew.jpgThe neighbor brewed up a Scotch Ale. This is the best of his brews so far. He is still doing partial mash kits so someday we'll have to break him into full mash without the kit. No complaints here, this was a pretty clean brew no off flavors, pretty tasty.

Philco F-1116

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IMG00223-20101002-1946.jpgThe Philco was getting lonely so her sister is coming to visit from St.Louis MO. 


The Brewmaster


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