Ommegang Seduction

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Seduction.JPGI found myself at International Beverage on Paris, Rishi the owner is a amicable beer and wine connoisseur. He also has a knack to fill ones arms with bottles of ale boasting an altitudinous fare. So while I just stopped in to pick up one ale at best, I found my self touring the store with my arms loaded up with bottles. Rishi being the gentlemen that he is, carried these to the counter for me before I could get my wits about me. My only concern, short of my impoverished pocket book, it that these 'selections' seem unable to elude the influence of his profit margin.

So here I am drinking his 'absolutely amazing' selection. The spicy Belgian yeast strain hits your nose... and that's it. I was waiting for all the complexity, it was a bit cool, so I let it warm, nope still nothing. The spicy yeast strain dominates the entire ale, and leaves little to the imagination, or perhaps everything to the imagination, and nothing to the palate. It does have a nice creamy mouthfeel, and when it warms a hint of chocolate. For the price I would prefer something along the lines of Brooklyner-Schneider Hopfen-Weisse, which carries a bit more complexity. Overall decent, but not really worthy of being shanghaied into again.

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