Firestone Walker Parabola

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For sometime I have wanted to try Firestone Walker Parabola. Firestone Walker is one of the handful of first class breweries who's ales are not available in Michigan. Matt Brynildson seems like a cool guy, and I wanted to check out his brews. After completing a few successful trades this month I could not help but crack one open.

It pours an intense black with minimal head, it was so dark I could not find any light strong enough to penetrate its malty depths. The nose presents oak with a mild ethanol maltiness. Very smooth, chocolate, vanilla, dark fruits, everything you would expect in a first class barrel aged Imperial Stout. At 12.5% this is a very drinkable ale, the ethenol is present but not overwhelming. I am very impressed, it does not stand up to BA Plead the 5th, but it is close, and it's balanced.

I am not the least bit disappointed, while a very hyped stout, I feel it lives up to the hype. The outstanding features are the oakiness and the balance. Without a side by side with CBS (which may just happen before too long) it's hard to say, but I think this might just be the most balanced barrel aged stout I have enjoyed.


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