Olde Hickory Imperial Stout

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Olde Hickory Imperial Stout pours with a head reminiscent of red velvet cake, and a nose of honey, spice and everything an Imperial Stout should smell like.

My first impression of this stout is that it has an almost overt hop bitterness uncommon in most Imperial Stouts, the hop bitterness reminds me of Sierra Nevada's. It has a malty sweetness, big bold dark malt notes, and a dryness imparted from the honey. Extremely smooth and velvety, this is clearly a world class stout. While not something I would trade for, if it was a local offering I would have a cellar full of it.  

The spicy notes come in later when it has warmed up a bit, no fruit notes are detectable on my palate. This stout stands out for the deep rich reddish-black head and body, its unusual hop bitterness, and its spicy character.

While not the best Imperial Stout in the world, this stout holds its own in the category.

-- Thank you to Broomeman for the kick ass Brooklyn Brewery tasting glass

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