Clown Shoes - Genghis Pecan

Pecan_Porter_Clown_Shoes.jpgClown Shoes is new to Michigan. Genghis Pecan is the first of the series I have tried. I have a bottle of Very Angry Beast, their barrel aged American Imperial Stout in my cellar, waiting to be opened. This is also the first offering I have tried that has been brewed by Ipswich/Mercury Brewing Co.

The nose is mild with a sense of base malts present, and a mild sweetness as it warms. It pours as dark as it gets, with a decent, but quickly fading head. Medium bodied with a bit of malt astringency until it warms, it is very creamy and smooth to the palate. The taste is malty sweetness, with very mild notes of coffee and pecan that are only really noticeable at the very end as it has fully warmed.

Overall this is a good ale, not extremely expensive but toward the upper end for what it is. It's not in the running with Parabola, Brooklyn Black Chocolate stout, or any of the greats, but it's a very solid ale, and definitely the style of porter that I enjoy. I am looking forward to trying Very Angry Beast this winter.


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