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Ten_Fidy.pngAll you other brews move over Ten Fidy is here. Viscus like motor oil, with a rich brown head, it's like looking into deep space. I recently reviewed Creme Brulee and Genghis Pecan, neither of which stand a chance against Ten Fidy, even in a cold day in hell. Ten Fidy is the real thing, a world class ale. Rich smokey malt notes, full bodied, it is a stout that can hold it's own.

Oskar Blues has been in town for a few months. I had yet to pick up any of it until Ten Fidy hit the shelves. So feeling somewhat ashamed I asked Victor at GB Russo which other Oskar Blues ale I should try. He recommended Old Chub, their Scotch ale. Beer Advocate gives it a 90 and for good reason. A deep burnt copper slightly cloudy, sweet caramelized malt, very full bodied, it's the real McCoy. Just like the burnt copper color, the flavor has a burnt (some say smoked, but not like smoked beer smoked, like roasted boar smoked) sharpness that you just have to try.

NCM_0205.JPGIt's amazing and thanks to Victor an awesome price, way cheaper than any ale out there that comes remotely close.  I love the So I married and axe murderer quote "it's like sputnik a virtual planetoid" on the can. It is spot on. It's a HUGE ale, a few of these could take a piper down.

If Oskar Blues wasn't already cool enough they are apparently mountain biking nuts and have their own line of hard tails. I am looking forward to trying some of their other brews.

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