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Pan_Galactic.JPGWell the name pretty much says it all. Victor recommended this one. It's a 'Belgian Style Double India Pale Ale'. I am not a big fan of Belgian anything. Fortunately this is more India Pale Ale and less Belgian. A very clear bronze ale, it pours with minimal head, great fresh hop aroma, and nice balancing maltyness. Spell check says that is not a word, it also says maltiness is not a word. So I give up. It would seem to be a problem with the English language. There are some definite notes of Belgian complexity, all very positive notes I'd say. Very worthy of a recommendation, this is a great ale.

In other news my movabletype all of the sudden magically handles images and thumbnails the way I wanted so long ago. Maybe my missing banner will magically appear on all of my pages. I am guessing not.


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