Two Beers - Jive Espresso Stout

jive.jpgI have just spent the last few hours writing a paper for an economics class. It has pretty much drained my soul of any meaningful prose. Somehow I managed to at least turn it into a paper about food. Something semi-culinary beats economics, but it's still miles away from ale. If I had a lick of economic sense I would brew everything and leave the whale chasing and beer hunting to everyone else. If I was really Mr.Fiscal I suppose I would just give up drinking.

Wow just mentioning such a thought seems to bring my fingers to a halt. But I don't really care too much about economics. It interests me only so much as it relates to funding necessary expenditures, like surviving stout season without having to sell off any organs. Oh yes, this was supposed to be a review of Two Beers Jive Espresso Stout. It was good. A dark mahogany, decent head, aroma and flavor simular to Great Lakes - Blackout Stout. It has a nice nuttiness and had the extreme smoothness of a well made oatmeal stout. Personally I prefer a deeper richer stout with more unfermented sugars. But you can't knock a solid stout just because it has a reasonable original gravity. It was pretty balanced, medium to full bodied, no off character. I'd probably buy it again.


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