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Rare Bourbon County Brand Stout

Bourbon_County_Stout.jpgWell the time had finally come to crack the whale, my one and only, my bottle #4519 of Bourbon County Rare. Deep and rich even cold, the aroma was large and rich with dark fruits. I have kept this ale cellared at constant temp since purchasing it from Victor at G.B. Russo. It showed. Even at the end there was still a little ethanol presence.

It poured the dark viscous velvet that one expects with any bourbon county variant. Minimal head and lacing. The aroma was simply heavenly, the raisin, plum, vanilla, oak, perfect, just perfect. This taste was everything that the aroma was and more. The velvety richness, it had that rich caramel, mellow vanilla, aged character that even a great stout like Plead the 5th, or World Wide Stout just cannot compete with. Great full bodied. This is something you simply have to experience. This ale could go head to head with Black Tuesday, Utopias, or any big bad ale. Frankly it would be practically immoral and unethical to do a side by side with such an amazing ale. It's best to simply enjoy, as we did, on a very special occasion, by itself and succumb to its subtle nuances. I am confident this is the finest ale I have ever had the pleasure to enjoy. I still remember the day I brought it home. I knew it was special, but I didn't realize how special for some time.

I have noted some folks on beer advocate saying it's past its prime and what not. They have clearly not had a well aged rare. This ale could have clearly aged for another three years. In no way what so ever did it lack in any way. It was perfect. I doubt that I will ever again have the opportunity to enjoy an ale of such caliber as Bourbon County Rare.


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