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My speech has been termed a stream of consciousness, incidentally also a literary device. A lot has happened since May. I moved, the kegerator arrived, I have purchased an artificial cellar made up of a freezer from Lowes and a STC-1000 temperature controller, also a fermentation chamber once the ale is gone. I have drank a number of ales - of which Westbrook Gose is by far the best ale I have enjoyed since arriving in Georgia. I have driven a ridiculous distance to go mountain biking because it is flat as a board on the Georgia coast and I am ridiculously slow at reviewing books. Good books, of which will be revealed in my next post. The World of beer in Savannah has great service, no food, and pretty much no beer worth drinking unless you enjoy European imitations of Budweiser products. Then there is the Distillery which has great service, great food, and great ales.

So there is the last six months. Also I have already missed Dark Horse 4Elf ale distribution and I will be missing this years 4 Elf party. However now is the time to plot a plan to catch up with old friends at Hunahpu Day.

How is that for being concise. I am normally not so good at that.


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