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't Smisje BB Bourgondier

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Tonight I tried 't Smisje BB Bourgondier

The bottle a short stubby one, has a label that appears homemade, with a red bottle cap. The bottle declares Dark bottle-conditioned ale. Brewed with malt, hops, candi sugar, valerian and lemon balm, yeast and water. BB Bourgondier is a Belgian Dark Ale. This is an incredible beer, it reminds me, very strongly reminds me of homebrew. It has a bottle conditioned taste and a great malt flavor, with the slightest hint of hops. Honey red in color, a little cloudy with some suspended yeast, it's great stuff. It has a 12% ABV. In a very, very fine, and fuzzy print under the babble belt virtual pub icon, the label says www.belgianstyle.com. If you get the chance it's worth the $5.00 a bottle.


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