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Raise_Your_Pints.jpgReflection.jpgBrad sent me an amazing Mississippi homebrew today. Dark like an abyss, with dark candied caramelized sugars coming through in the nose. This amazingly deep rich brew is a very big beer, close to Sam Adams Triple Bock or Bells 9,000. Raisin notes and malt sweetness dominate.

For the first few years of homebrewing I never really sampled any amazing homebrew, decent, drinkable, but not over the top excellent. In the past year or two I have had a number of homebrews that exceed or meet some of the best commercial craft beers available, this is one of them.

Hopefully at some point due to the work of Raise Your Pints the state of Mississippi will get their head out of their tail and legalize homebrewing. It seems a little like refusing to legalize lawn mowing if you ask me.


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