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Smashed_Pumpkin.jpgThis ale pours a beautiful orange with minimal head. Sweet pumpkin aroma dominates along with light airy notes of pumpkin pie spices. It has a very light flavor profile yet is full bodied. As it warms up, the nutmeg becomes more pronounced. Doug at Siciliano's Market recommenced it. At first I was hesitant given that I have had the Shipyard Pumpkin head in the past and it was by far my least favorite of all the pumpkin ales. This is a totally different brew, much bigger, and much better. It really rates in my book as an excellent and unique interpretation of a pumpkin brew. At 9.0% and a full flavor profile, it's no lightweight in the beer world.

I was disappointed this year that as a result of Michigan Brewing going out of business that Screamin' Pumpkin was no longer available. It was by far my favorite pumpkin beer. I tried Sam Adams Pumpkin ale, it was good, but no Screamin' Pumpkin. As a result Dogfish head Punkin moved up from being another pumpkin ale, to the top of my Pumpkin beer list, it's a full pumpkin pie with whipped cream on top ale.


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