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10 O'Clock IPA

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10_OClockIPA.JPGOn July 20th, at 10 PM I finished my first attempt at all grain brewing. It came out with a Piney arouma, good mouthful, and nice hop character. My mash temps were a little low so it lacks a little of the body I would have liked it to have. I had expected a really big IPA and was a bit disappointed when I poured the first draft. But all in all it's really pretty decent for my first shot at it. Unfortunately I lost my notes, I still have the recipe I grabbed off of Homebrew Talk, but I had played with the grain bill a bit, and can't remember what I did. Here is the recipe I started with:

Batch Size (Gallons): 5
Original Gravity: 1.055
11.5 lbs Pale Malt (2row)
1 Lbs Crystal 10L
1 Lbs Munich Malt
1oz Chinook - Bittering
1oz Cascade - Finishing
1oz Centennial Dry Hopping

Wells Banana Bread Beer

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Banana.JPGLately I have had some great brews that were just exactly what the label said, Southern Tier Creme Brulee Stout for one. Talk about an amazing desert ale. I have never had such a desert like ale ever before, it's just perfect. Wells Banana Bread Ale is another. It too, is an incredible ale that tastes exactly like banana bread. Brewed with real bananas, this brass to gold ale with minimal head is a great summer, or fall ale. The aroma is 100% bananas!

In other news we won the kegerator contest over at Siciliano's. Thanks to Russ, George, and Steve for all their incredible work on the kegerator, thanks to everyone for all the votes, thanks to Kati and Chris for setting up the contest and thanks to Steve Siciliano for the gift card. It was spent on ingredients for a Vanilla Bourbon Stout, I will let you know in February how it came out.

To the other contestants, drop me a line sometime and we'll share a pint on me.

Voting Is Now Open This Week

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Kegerator.JPGUpdate as of today September 8th, 2011. Voting is now open to choose your favorite kegerator!
Voting closes Friday, September 16, at 12pm.

So Siciliano's is having an online voting Kegerator contest this Friday over at The Buzz. It's American Idol style, finalists will be announced on Friday September 2nd. Judging for Best of show will begin September 2nd. So if you feel moved, hop on over to The Buzz (Sicilianos's Blog) and vote for your favorite. We are all a little biased over here at, but your politics, religion ,and favorite Kegerator are your business, so vote honest. is not big and evil, so unlike certain unnamed big corporations, and big governments, we respect your freedom of choice.

More New Breweries In Grand Rapids

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In addition to the two new breweries that are supposed to pop up in Hudsonville, three more are in the works according to the Grand Rapids Press.

Grand Rapids bar owner Mark Sellers has purchased the assets of the recently closed Grand Rapids Brewing Co. with plans to reboot the brand again in a new location downtown ... read more


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