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Graydon's Crossing & the Three Hour Pint

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graydens.jpgI want to say that Graydon's Crossing is my favorite pub. But I have already said that about Honey Creek Inn. So maybe I have two favorite pubs, so sue me. It burnt down a while ago, fortunately not too down, as it's back up again. Last week I stopped in and had a Flying Dog Gonzo Porter. In the bottle it's a great porter, but on tap it takes on a whole new persona, still great, but with a hop and sharp malt character undetectable in the bottle.

Tonight I stopped in and had their soup of the day (incredible) a spicy little curry and whatnot in a cup. I also had their fish and chips, a meal for two really - I was over stuffed for the next three hours. But the best part was the pint I sipped on for three hours, the Barrel Aged Plead The 5th from Dark Horse. I have already ranted about how it's the best ale in the world in my brewfest blurb. It comes out in November but Graydon's being Graydon's has a keg of it. But the story get's better, they let me take a growler of it home - Whoo Hoo. I am bottling it up right now so I can ship a sample to my favorite beer drinking buddy south of the Mason-Dixon line.

Perlick 525

Perlick_525_Faucet.jpgBeing slow getting your kegerator running has it's advantages. I see that I can now get the Perlick 525 "Perl" chrome and SS facet for under $30.00 just about anywhere. CHI has it for only $28.95. I will be buying two of these as soon as my kegerator is painted.

Congratulations Jay and Carrie!

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My buddy Jay had his finest homebrew at his reception. A honey lemon wheat and a stout. Incredible!
May your married days be filled with happiness and homebrew!

Brew Setup

keg.jpgI am working on my initial brew setup sanding the beans out of my kegs that will be keggles some day. I quit laying them in the grass since it gets them all wet, instead I laid out a bunch of four inch thick high density foam so they don't get scratched from rolling around on the concrete when I sand them. Someday they will have a mirror-like finish.

Founders Bourbon Apple Cream Ale

Bourbon_Apple.jpgendurance_ale.jpgWow now here was something new, Founders Bourbon Apple Cream Ale. I just tried a small sample of it. It tastes just like it sounds, and it was very good. It was like an Apple Jack on the rocks that had been melting for a while. It had the taste of cider, water and bourbon. I am not sure I would want an entire pint of it but perhaps a wineglass of snifter of it. The small sample size glass in the picture is the Apple Cream Ale. I also sampled their Endurance Ale (the pint glass pic) it was a very light pale ale with a real nice hop aroma and bitterness, sort of a session ale.

Amicarelli Vineyard - South Haven / Phin and Matts

vineyard.jpgWhen visiting South Haven Michigan a couple that were staying at our hotel recommended Amicarelli Vineyard. Not only was the food incredible, so was the service. I had my favorite dish which includes sausage and red sauce. It was the best Italian I have had since New York. My son was unhappy with the pizza so the server made him up his own custom slices. Well beyond anyone's expectation. I had a Phin and Matts Extraordinary Ale from Southern Tier Brewing in NY. It was rather unique. It was a very pale ale but hoppy. Most American IPA's have an all around body and flavor in addtion to the hop bitterness and arouma. Not this, it was a pale ale with a super light body, and a rather odd flavor. It was sweet and sour at the same time. I could not tell if it was just old, or that sour funk was actually part of the intended flavor profile. It did have a great hop bitterness. I think my jury is still out on this one till I try it again.

13th Annual Summer Beer Festival

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Rochester.jpgThis past weekend was the 13th Annual Summer Beer Festival put on by the Michigan Brewers Guild. All in all the best brew I sampled was the Bourbon Barrel Aged Plead The 5th from the living room of Dark Horse from Marshall. Yes, their living room. They were the only ones I spotted with a shag carpet and matching 'eclectic' furniture. This beats out Founders KBS and Goose Island's Bourbon County Stout. It was perfectly balanced. The bourbon came through nice and rich, not too much of any one flavor. This is what a Barrel Aged Stout ought to be. Thanks Aaron for serving up a great brew!

We also chatted for a bit with Dave from Old Boys and sampled one of the best Double IPA's at the festival. Made with Amarillo, Simcoe, and Cluster hops, it had the perfect American citrus IPA flavor and arouma any hop head would love.We moved on over to O.G. and chatted with Alan about Kegerators and I sampled the Ginger Ale. It was awesome! But that is because everything that is brewed by O.G. is always of the highest quality.

Before it was all over we got to chat with Laura Bell of Bell's beer. She is of course Larry Bell's daughter and super cool to boot. Very cute, down to earth, and serious about good beer and good business. She holds the position of marketing director at Bell's. When I mentioned a little known off the beaten path place that carries their product she knew who I was talking about. That's good business! Laura if you read this, thanks for the great chat and have fun on that first brew! Before we were gone Bell's had hooked us up with a sign and bumper sticker.

kilt_freedom.jpgKilts, they were everywhere. I want to wear one next summer fest I attend. I asked the pictured kilt wearer what he wanted on his caption and he said 'Freedom'. There were a number of Carhart style kilts at the event and according to the wearers they were from utilikilts. Thanks to Greg Burke and his soon to be brother in law from Woodward Avenue Brewers for a great chat. Thanks Chris for letting me post your photo, thanks for Mike and company for my first cigar, and thanks random beer strangers for letting me post your photo on the internet - and thank you Rockester Mills Beer Company woman and mannequin for the great Cherry Ale and pic! Chris.jpg


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