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Siciliano's Big Brew Day 2013

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BigBrewDay_Mayor_Heartwell.jpgSo what happens when the greatest homebrew store on earth supports AHA Big Brew in Beer City USA? Well let's see, it start's with Greg Johnson greeting you at the entrance with a smile and a cart to load your equipment. Next Steve Siciliano is shaking your hand and pointing you to the free malt and hops that he has donated. A little bit later the Mayor George Heartwell stops by to chat and see how the brewing is going.

What a great day. This was the most relaxed and friendly beer event I have been to yet. Which is saying a lot considering most craft beer events are not exactly cold, harsh, and unbearable.

I was really amazed. The time, money and effort put into this event by Steve, his crew, his family and the many supporting persons is something most of us probably will never really appreciate. I think the city of Grand Rapids and Mayor Heartwell deserve a ton of credit for not only permitting this event, but really supporting it. I told Mayor Heatwell that while I know politicians are all supposed to be 'evil,' I really had to commend him and the city for supporting this event. His words about how events like this benefit the economy and community really echoed my own feelings. He also admitted that he just likes beer. So I'm glad to live just outside of a city that has a Mayor who likes beer, and a homebrew store owner to loves his customers and community.

BigBrewDay_Crew.jpgI have often raved about how craft brewing is good for culture, community, and the economy but this event really showed it. Doug Dorda was on hand to bring a smile to everyone's face with his upbeat character and friendliness. That's the thing about Siciliano's that I love - the people - well that and the massive beer selection, competitively priced fresh homebrewing ingredients, wine, cigars, but mostly it's the people. It seemed that every member of the Siciliano family was there today helping out. Homebrewer's were all sharing their ware's, some of which were downright amazing. Then there was the smell, there is nothing like the smell of fresh mash wafting in the wind. Talk about downright heavenly.

Day's like today are really something to be thankful for. Manny and Jay, two of my best friends, who are both amazing homebrewers, were there to lend a hand, table, chairs, brewpot, burner, homebrew, well pretty much everything. I just bumbled around having fun spending the day being with my son, my friends, and doing what I love, brewing beer.


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