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Some years back, March 2002 to be specific, I wrote about Magic Hat Brewing under the title "New England Beer Tour". One of my favorites was Magic Hat #9 a fruity beer without the fruit. According to Mark it sounds like they are still brewing it.


He states: "If you remember back to the time when we went to the bear festival in Brooklyn, you may remember a micro-brew there by the name of Magic Hat. I want to tell you about their #9 Not-So-Pale Ale.


It has a very smooth, yet hoppy flavor. A little strong for those who like lighter beers, like my wife. But it has a hint of apricot, for a somewhat sweet aftertaste. While it may not be in my top five, it is not a beer to be poured down the drain. It does very well after a ham sandwich with mustard."


My favorite is Humble Patience, an Irish Red with a nitro tap. It has the whole slow bubbles thing hence the name.

(At the spring 2010 brew ha ha in Grand Rapids I was told that Magic Hate Brewing no longer makes humble patience. From what I can gather on the web this has been the case since 2005. I guess I am a little behind on the times)


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