Honey Creek Inn


This past Saturday I dropped into Honey Creek Inn to have a pint. Founders Dry Hopped IPA was the cask ale on tap. To misquote princess bride 'Since the invention of the pint, there have only been five pints that were rated the most passionate, the most pure. This one left them all behind.' It truly was the best pint I have ever had.

            My first experience at Honey Creek Inn was a few weeks ago. I had been biking the Canonsburg State Game Area and decided to drop in. The amber walls are adored with a well over a hundred of tap handles. Neat, clean, and smoke free it had an authentic pub atmosphere. Eight tap handles advertised a selection a great brews with Bells Two Hearted occupying the cask ale tap. Impressed by the friendly patrons, many of which who were locals who have been visiting for years; I started up a conversation with the couple next to me. They introduced me to Don Kurylowicz, the owner of Honey Creek Inn, and for that matter owner of Cannonsburg Michigan. Don is a friendly down to earth kind of guy. He exemplifies pretty much everything a small business owner should be in my opinion. I would be surprised if a day goes by that he is not right there in the midst of things. His businesses are not just a business; they are his passion, an expression of himself and his creativity.


Don explained to me that every tap handle on the wall had actually been served on tap right there at his pub. He explained the origins of the public house what it really meant to be one. He ran me through the history of Honey Creek Inn and its close relationship with Larry Bell and the local breweries in the area. He was the first to have cask ale on tap in Kent County, and still one of only two that I know of. The food was great, the beer was great, and the atmosphere was great. Whether you are a billionaire or a concrete finisher you can find sit down and experience what every pub should be at Honey Creek Inn.


 Due to the family atmosphere and great food, on May 21st I decided to take my family to Honey Creek Inn for dinner. Unfortunately I had underestimated the fourty-five minute wait that might be experienced on a Friday night, and my wife was starving. In many ways this is the real test of a restaurant - the wait staff was super busy, and they were packed - despite all of this they were very prompt, helpful, and quickly put us on the waiting list, even giving me a menu to take out to the car. They provided answers to all my questions about what nights were busiest, explaining what specials they ran, all this even when  we had decided to come back another time.


Since, I have asked many persons if they knew of Honey Creek Inn with at least half telling me they have been faithful customers for twenty years. So this last Saturday was no accident, the perfect pint just happened to be at my favorite pub.


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