Amicarelli Vineyard - South Haven / Phin and Matts

vineyard.jpgWhen visiting South Haven Michigan a couple that were staying at our hotel recommended Amicarelli Vineyard. Not only was the food incredible, so was the service. I had my favorite dish which includes sausage and red sauce. It was the best Italian I have had since New York. My son was unhappy with the pizza so the server made him up his own custom slices. Well beyond anyone's expectation. I had a Phin and Matts Extraordinary Ale from Southern Tier Brewing in NY. It was rather unique. It was a very pale ale but hoppy. Most American IPA's have an all around body and flavor in addtion to the hop bitterness and arouma. Not this, it was a pale ale with a super light body, and a rather odd flavor. It was sweet and sour at the same time. I could not tell if it was just old, or that sour funk was actually part of the intended flavor profile. It did have a great hop bitterness. I think my jury is still out on this one till I try it again.


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