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Grumpness.jpgI recently got was given a Grumpess from Solemn Oath and given that it has been a while since I have posted anything I thought I would go ahead and review it. Highly over-carbonated it started flowing from the bottle before I could pour it. Aside from the over-carbonation the aroma was pleasing it had a nice piney hop nose with notes of chocolate and dark malts. It's dark, slightly sweet, and leaves a distinct hop bitterness on the tongue.

This is definitely an American Stout given it's clearly intentional hop profile. Typically I am not a fan of hops overpowering an Imperial Stout, but this is good. Medium bodied. Not too astringent. Not anywhere close to a Hoppin Frog BORIS, or Firestone Walker Parabola, but a very good stout none the less. The dark malts give it a distinct rich chocolateyness. 


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