Founders - Curmudgeon's Better Half

Better_Half.jpgSo here is an ale I have had around for a while. I knew I would enjoy it, Founders backstage series are not the disappointing type. It rational to argue that I may have hung on to this one for too long.

It poured with a minimal head, reddish mahogany in color, and with a minimal nose initially - it was a bit cold. The palate was English Barleywine with rich sweet molasses. That is pretty much it, the clean transparent caramel character of English Barleywine with the complexities of brown sugar and molasses. It's possible that at one point some of the barrel aging aspects may have been more dominate. Overall simple and good. It had all the standard aspects of any Founder's brew, balanced, full-bodied, no off character of any kind. Recommended.

Now to the untrained observer that may not sound like much a review, and maybe it's not. But here is the thing about Founders. Stating that something is simply standard Foundesr fare, is nothing to shake a stick at. Recently I sampled the two Perrin Killing Craft Series, Kill 'Em All, and Kill 'Em with Kindness. They were standard Perrin fare, decent, thin bodied for an Imperial (in the case of the Kill 'Em All), quickly dissipating head, and a reminder that putting sub - par ale in a barrel does not magically made it God's gift to the world. Perrin tries hard, but never makes outstanding ales. Not bad quality, but never over the top. Honestly when sampling them I though that Perrin had wasted their money on barrels.

and.. while I am catching up on reviews. Oak Aged Cuvee 2. Southern Tier has really went to hell. I don't buy their stuff anymore. But back in the day they made some decent stuff. Oak Aged Cuvee 2 had a rich malty nose, rich caramel notes, raisins, and dark fruits. It was good stuff. Too bad they just make overly sweet crap these days.


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