Terrapin - Tart Cherry Wake n' Bake

WnB.jpgI wrote this one a while back. I am not sure why I never got around to posting it.

Each year Terrapin releases their spin on a fancy Wake n' Bake. Their breakfast beer taken to the next level. This year it poured with a minimal head, minmal nose, till it warmed. Tart Cherry, coffee, pretty much what is was promoted to be.

The first time I tried the one off incanation of Wake n' Bake it was the Cinnamon Roll'd Wake n' Bake. I loved the subltly of it. It was not over the top, just a perfect cinnmanon roll. The next year they did the French Toasted, good but not as good as the Cinnmon Roll'd. I don't even remember what they did last year. Tart Cherry is good, but nothing to get overly worked up about. That said, I love wake n' bake, the Jitty Joe's Coffee addition is pretty amazing and really does make for a great breakfast stout. 

In the end the Jittery Joe's Coffee is the ticket. I had a homebrew from a friend who cloned WnB using the same coffee and it was just as good. So on one hand yeah it's amazing I love it, but on the other hand the ale is not super special, the coffee is.


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