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Thanks to Alan for the link. A good beer blog continues to be one the most up-to-date, and in my humble opinion the best beer blog on the 'net. Although I continue to be impressed with some of the new ones poping up and those I have seem to have overlooked.


Another excellent beer blog is Knut Albert's. Just today I discovered Real Beer Some other popular beer blogs are Hail the ale, 1000 bars, sudspundit, The Brew Site, BeerBytes.


There are some others that are not so up to date such as Beer-the Blog. For a daily beer poem see Beer Haiku Daily.


If you frequently enjoy a beer blog that I have overlooked, contact me and I will post it, or link it.


Scientists at Oregon State University say the hops used in brewing beer contain a compound called flavonids, which neutralize "free radicals:" rogue oxygen molecules that can damage cells.


The researchers say porter, stout and ale have significantly higher levels of flavonids, when compared to lager and pilsner beers.


However, according to the study, the beneficial effect of brew may be minimal and more research is required.


"We can't say that drinking beer will help prevent cancer," says Fred Stevens, OSU assistant professor of pharmacy and scientist in the Linus Pauling Institute.

(Update May 2010. Alan is still blogging. When my site went to hell in a handbasket he offered to let me post at a good beer blog. Thanks Alan - someday we'll have to share a pint on me.)

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