Chasing The White Dog

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I recently finished Max Watman's "Chasing the White Dog". This book was right up my alley, a humorous yet informative look at the history of moonshining. His narratives are interwoven with tales of making his own moonshine and assembling Billy Gibbons, his affectionately named still. He covers it all, from the history of whiskey in the U.S. to modern day moonshiners and legitimate micro distilleries. He addresses the long standing history of moonshine and NASCAR. He visits Woody Creek Colorado, Hunter S. Thompson territory, and reveals the faces behind the little known artisan distillery Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey. Traipsing across the country with the Illegal Whiskey Task Force, he finds himself following at least one bootlegging trial from heads to tails. If there was ever a book written for sitting back and enjoying with some homemade handiwork, this would be it.

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