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Well for all you VW fans out there here are some pics of a VW trunk Kegerator from a VW forum. The owner states:

Thanks! I wanted to combine my love of Suds and Dubs... The car is an 06' GLI w/REVO STGII+. I bought a second trunk lid, laminated it, and attached the tower. It takes about 5-10 minutes to swap out the lids. After all I don't think my HR department would enjoy that in the parking lot. The bar coasters are magnetic and the entire setup remains on the car while in motion. So far the tower is good up to 135MPH winds. For SoWo I used a 1/4 barrel of beer (7.75gal) and a 5lb aluminum CO2 tank. I was supposed to get the tank polished to match the wheels but I ran out of time. H20i is going to be even better as I'll have my homebrew instead of crappy bud light (yuck). In addition I plan on expanding the tower to dispense both cold beer and margarita.



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