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I have the famous John Sloan painting of McSorley's Old Ale House as my wallpaper. My son was looking at it and I started telling him about McSorley's. In the process of Googling for pictures I came across one of Chumley's and was telling him about the secret exits. As I was looking for more pictures I discovered some sad news. Back in April 2007 while maintenance was being done on the building, the front wall collapsed. While initial reports indicated a quick reopening it's still closed with little indication that anything will change. The Observer had a great article about it back in November 2007. I  used to frequent Chumley's and I wrote a small blurb about it in May of 2002. At the time I had no idea that they paid $17,613 in rent a month. You have to sell an awful lot of burgers and beer to pay for that. Goodbye old friend, rest in peace.

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