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Tray2.JPGWhen I went looking for drip trays it seemed that there were two options, a full backsplash or one that had visible key holes for screws. Most did not have a drain, and if they did they were poorly soldered crooked copper drains. Because of this I did not want to use a commercially available kegerator drip tray. I wanted it to curve with the refrigerator door, have an internal drain that went through the door, and studs which would eliminate the need for visible screws. I also wanted bullnose corners.

My fathers friend is one of a few artisans left who specializes in the custom design, and fabrication of stainless steel work. I drew up a diagram and two days later I had a perfect drip tray at my door shipped all the way from Montana.

Tray1.JPGI built a backer plate and made a custom NTP threaded nut and washer to mate up with the drain and secure it to the door.



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