Brooklyn Octoberfest

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I stopped by my favorite beer store today, Sicilianos and pestered them with a million questions about draft beer shanks, and other various and sundry kegerator items. (Actually I have stopped by twice this week already). Not only do they carry the best selection of beer in West Michigan, they know just about everything about beer and, are pretty cool about pestering question askers like myself. So while I was at the greatest beer store on earth I had to purchase some beer of course. I picked up a few fall beers, mostly pumpkin sorts and one Octoberfest from Brooklyn Brewery.

It pours with a nice lacey head, somewhat due to the temperature poured - it was a little on the warm side - and had a nice crystal clear amber hue. Sweet German maltiness dominates the flavor and aroma. The hallertauer hops are just barley detectable. It's a very drinkable beer, great for a fall BBQ.

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