Review: Brewmasters on Discovery

So I missed a couple of episodes of Brewmasters on Discovery. But I am watching it again tonight. As exciting as I find beer, it cracks me up how much drama and heart racing anticipation they 'impart' to the beer world. Somehow they take yeast, a single celled organism (read the most boring creature you could really hang out with) malt and water and spin it into something normal people might actually watch. Each episode finishes with Sam serving his new ale to a big group of people having never tried it himself. This week he traveled to Egypt grabbed some wild yeast and local herbs for his brew. I find it entertaining and I think he had a funny sense of humor so that goes a long ways. As a married man I have to wonder how his wife feels about these world beer travels. He must have to take her to Bermuda on occasion to make up for the beer travels. Something tells me she makes him close his trap about beer when they're there. Wild yeast is normally a pretty ballsy thing to do. But in this case he sent it to a lab in Belgium for analysis, so this is not exactly the crazy wild thing that it sounds like. If you haven't watched it, it's well worth watching.


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