Pinkus Organic Munster Alt

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Pinkus_Munster.jpgThe big beers are great. But in the end they pretty much end up as a killer Stout or IPA with an occasional barley wine thrown into the mix. I recently had O'Fallon's Sticke to the Man. It got me wanting a little something different. I love a good German lager. I wish I could get Bayern products in Michigan. Born in the same city as myself, they make a number of great German brews domestically. But since they are not an option, I picked up a Pinkus Munster Alt. The second I popped the cap, a overpowering sweet floral aroma came cascading out of the glass, as it subsided it was replaced by a sweet malty aroma. Slightly cloudy and gold in color, the nice head quickly subsided. Light bodied and dominated by a grainy wheat flavor, I also perceived a slight hop bitterness. While not my favorite German ale, it was well worth sampling.

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