Brooklyner-Schneider Hopfen-Weisse

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This is without question a unique brew. I first had this on tap several months ago at Moon River. I was fascinated by the aroma and disappointed by the apparent lack of flavor. I bought a bottle a couple of months ago, and saved it until I could drink it with someone who would appreciate it. So last night Jay and I broke it out. Jay said it was like the Jazz that only Jazz musicians like. This is not your typical mass appeal brew. This is the brew for brewers. It pours with a generous head over a golden blonde body. My first impressions when I had it on tap were a Banana olive spice aroma almost like gum or circus peanuts. It was so complex it was hard to describe. Once it warms up a bit, the flavors come out in the taste as well. Jay said it was like apple pie at Big Boy, a preserved apple character. He agreed that it did have a bit of an olive taste and aroma as well. The hop bouquet is very detectable but hard to place. Unfamiliar hop territory for most of us. According to Brooklyn Brewery's website this is a "collaboration between brewmasters Hans-Peter Dresler of the Schneider Brewery, and Garrett Oliver of The Brooklyn Brewery. Together they bring you a new sensation, a pale weisse-bock fermented with the Schneider yeast, and then robustly dry-hopped with a blend of Amarillo and Palisade hops." This brew is a one of a kind and well worth trying if you get the chance.

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