Pete's Wicked Ale

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Back in the 90's I was a big fan of Pete Slosberg's Pete's Wicked Ale, it was a great full bodied ale that came in short stout bottles, and was one of a handful of popular craft ales. I had not enjoyed Pete's in years, when in 2009 I picked up a six pack. The first thing I noticed is that the bottles had changed, still I excepted to spend the evening enjoying Pete's, like spending time with an old friend I had not seen in sometime. But this was not my old friend, this was some so-so beer masquerading as my old friend. Only then did I come to realize that Pete had sold the Brewery back in 1998 and it all went down hill from there.

So I was not surprised to read that this was the end of the line for Pete's Wicked Ale. Well I suppose it was about time. Too bad that big breweries buy a brand like Pete's to cash in on the name and then cut corners and run it into the ground, shame on them.

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