Tommyknocker Cocoa Porter Winter Warmer

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poo.JPGWell I am impressed that Tommyknocker was able to blend just the perfect combination of complex malts to make an ale with the distinct arouma of poo. Yep there you have it. I have never had a Tommyknocker brew that I could finish. This went down the drain like all the rest. The only reason I even tried it was because it was one of last months beer club beers. Don't waste your money on this one there are plenty of decent craft beers out there. For that matter Anheuser Busch makes better products. Which totally reminds me of something. What ever happened to Bare Knuckle Stout? That was an incredible Irish Stout and it was made by A-B. Perhaps the whole InBev purchasing A-B and InBev owning Guinness shut that one down. Now that I think about it, it does seem like the time line would fit. Oh well. For just a minute we got a glimpse of what could have been. Instead we have Bud Select. Thanks Carlos Brito!

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