Anchor Porter

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It's hard to really review Anchor Porter using conventional standards. Anchor Porter is not just an ale, Anchor Porter is an experience that transcends beyond space and time. Anchor porter pours a deep, thick, rich, sculpted head, just like the ale it hails from. It is truly unique, drawing on the natural carbonation from fermentation to glass. The malt character is sweet, but not too sweet, roasty, but not too roasty, bitter, but not too bitter, it is perfectly balanced in all respects. That is of course, why it is my favorite porter. In fact, Anchor Porter is the standard by which all porters are judged in my book. Anchor Porter comes from Anchor Brewing who I have written about before when reviewing their Liberty Ale, and when writing about my trip to their brewery.

They were also the first craft brewery that I came across that was doing spirits. No other brewery tour I have had even comes close to the visit to Anchor. Despite their large distribution of ale across the country, Anchor still has all those great things that you love about a small business. Great people, great service, and awesome beer. Like I said, it's hard to be objective when I talk about Anchor, I really can't say anything negative about them, which, coming from me is saying a lot. So sit back and enjoy an Anchor knowing that real American hard work, craftsmanship, and passion goes into every batch they brew. Here is to America, Craft Beer, and Anchor Brewing!

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