Brooklyn Black Ops

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Blackops.JPGThanks to Aaron over at Reddit/r/beertrade I was able to trade for a Brooklyn Black Ops. I was excited to try Black Ops since Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout is my favorite Russian Imperial Stout. This vicious and dark brew had a unique taste on the palate and an arouma similar to Black Chocolate Stout, with the hops slightly detectable as it warms up. It left with just a little roasted malt aftertaste. The bourbon taste was minimal, closer to a KBS than a Bourbon County Stout. I had pretty high expectations, and they really weren't met. Between Brooklyn making a big deal out of Black Ops and me making a big deal out of it in my own mind, the thought exceeded the reality. In the end I am still very grateful to try it, and it was a great stout, but I would just as soon stick with regular Black Chocolate Stout.

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