Last Pint - Strawberry Cream Ale

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Strawberry_Cream_Ale_Packaged.JPGThe Strawberry Cream Ale came out excellent; golden with a tint of pink, it was a crisp refreshing ale, just right to have a couple before embarking on a bike ride, run, or workout. The the hops and malts were just barley detectable, and the strawberries gave it a nice character. The sweetness disappears and you are left with just a little strawberry body and flavor. I am going to brew this one again next year for sure. The neighbors and bud drinkers liked it as did the real beer drinkers.  Bald Monk gave me permission to use his photo for the label. For those unable to read the miniature font in the photo, the label declares:

If you are dumb enough to need your government to warn you not to drink beer and drive, operate machinery, or when you are pregnant, given enough time you will probably naturally eliminate yourself from
the gene pool anyhow.
Be Smart, Drink Good Beer.

The pint in the photo was the last one out the of keg so it was about half CO2 and you can see a little cloud of sediment from the bottom of the keg settling in the glass.

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