Michigan Liquor Control Being Sexist?

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Veta Tucker and others are offended by Flying Dog Brewery's Raging Bitch Beer and would like to keep it out of the state. Evidently the description hits too close to home for some. Hey if you want to be offended all the time that's your business. But what seriously offends me is that my tax money goes to retarded goon's (To be read Michigan State Attorneys & Liquor Control Commissioners) to doof around all the time. There is very limited need for their services to begin with. But keeping good beer out of Michigan over the naming is just plain government wastefulness. This is of course not the first time this has happened, and unfortunately will not be the last. Read More @ Mlive.com

The other thing here is that it seems we are being a little inconsistent when allow Old Hat to have a Dirty Red MILF, and Thirsty Dog to have an Old Leg Humper. Perhaps we are just being sexist since we allow male dogs on our labels but not female dogs.

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