Jester King Black Metal

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blackmetal.jpgSince I found myself in the blast furnace of Dallas Texas, I decided to pick up a few local Texas brews. A few months ago Aaron, a beer trader from Austin Texas, had sent me a bomber that I had yet to sample. So I picked his brain about what to pickup. He recommended Real Ale Devils Backbone, or Lost Gold, or any Jester King or Ranger Creek. I managed to sample Devils Backbone and Lost Gold, both incredible brews. Mike, the Bartender at the Meddlesome Moth, recommended Hall's Grocery in Grapevine Texas. Fern was super cool, and like most purveyors of ale, just a bit discerning. He said that some people come in demanding certain brews, and he sends them on their way empty handed. I evidently managed to pass the - beer hunter with good karma - test. So he headed in the back and got me a Deschutes Abyss, Allagash Curieux, and a couple of other great brews. I picked up a couple bottles of Jester King Black Metal as well.

Black metal is an Imperial Stout with roasted malt and coffee aromas and flavor. I tend to like the sweeter stouts and I am not a big fan of roasted malt or coffee flavors, however like this stout. The coffee and roasted malt character is very well balanced. It's really an excellent stout, not as complex as some, but none the less an excellent stout. It has a nice fine head, and a beautiful body.

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