The Real Deal

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hat2.JPGLet me tell you - they don't call it the Real Deal for nothin'. Frank over at the Real Deal Brazil was cool enough to send me the Real Deal Recycled Tarp Hat and Craft Beer Band. Made from old tarps that found their way from the Amazon to São Paulo and back again.

Why is it the real deal? It doesn't come shipped by some mass marketed, overgrown monopoly. When I got mine it came shipped in a brown envelope with a handwritten label. Frank contacted me, and I made him a good old fashioned trade. Now that's the real deal, that's how business should be done. Frank's a real guy and so are the products he promotes. The Craft Beer Band is American Made from recycled beer caps, our hats go off to those hardworking folks drinking that craft beer to make hat bands with.

So before you wander into your 'fashionable' conglomerate mongulation of a store to find something you have to take care of, save the trip and get the real deal - the hat that takes care of you.

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The Real Deal

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