Wells Banana Bread Beer

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Banana.JPGLately I have had some great brews that were just exactly what the label said, Southern Tier Creme Brulee Stout for one. Talk about an amazing desert ale. I have never had such a desert like ale ever before, it's just perfect. Wells Banana Bread Ale is another. It too, is an incredible ale that tastes exactly like banana bread. Brewed with real bananas, this brass to gold ale with minimal head is a great summer, or fall ale. The aroma is 100% bananas!

In other news we won the kegerator contest over at Siciliano's. Thanks to Russ, George, and Steve for all their incredible work on the kegerator, thanks to everyone for all the votes, thanks to Kati and Chris for setting up the contest and thanks to Steve Siciliano for the gift card. It was spent on ingredients for a Vanilla Bourbon Stout, I will let you know in February how it came out.

To the other contestants, drop me a line sometime and we'll share a pint on me.

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