Real Ale - Sisyphus 2009

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Sisyphus.JPGSisyphus is a Barleywine from Real Ale Brewing Company in Blanco, Texas. Real Ale brews Devils Backbone a great Belgian-style tripel, and Lost Gold, a highly carbonated, full bodied, brassy IPA, with a smooth head. I would classify it as a dirty hop IPA. I was impressed when I visited Stella's, in Grand Rapids, that the waitress made this definition between the citrusy, and dirty IPA, when she suggested Short's Huma-Lupa-Licious IPA (a great Michigan ale).

Sisyphus pours a deep orange, with minimal head. It's a candi-rum malty brew, with a hoppy, sweet malt nose, mouthfeel typical of the style, and a hop tang. It is a great ale, however with big hop profile, and a definite bitter hop finish, it's a bit much for a barleywine. I can only imagine the hop wham it deals before it's aged. That said, it's far from disappointing, and being a hophead I really don't mind the bitter hop content. My biggest criticism is that Real Ale uses the word epic to describe it on the label. I don't think I would do that.  

At The Libertine - a great little beer bar if you're ever in Dallas TX - I sampled Real Ale's Full Moon Pale Rye at a clear, amber ale with a slight hop dryness like Montana weeds. So far everything I have tried from Real Ale impresses me.

Huma_Shorts.jpgShort's Huma Lupa IPA

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