Oatmeal Cluster Stout

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Today I bottled up some of the Oatmeal Cluster Stout I brewed in September. Notes of toffee, chocolate, coffee, bourbon and vanilla create a pleasing aroma. My mash temps were a little low, creating some lack of body, but all, in all, this is a very pleasing brew. I had struggled to carbonate it. It sat for weeks with ten to twenty pounds of pressure on it, and remained flat. I let it age a few more weeks and then today I shook the daylights out of it and turned up the pressure. It's now carbonated. I am still not sure just what the issue was. My best guess it that a coffee bean was stuck in the line, affecting the carbonation as it dispensed. I only used three beans, but it seemed to add plenty of coffee character to five gallons. On the flipside I used six to eight fresh bourbon vanilla beans and I only have a slight vanilla flavor. Vanilla flavor is greatly dependent on the other flavor aspects of the ale. My cream ale only required three beans for a week in secondary to create a huge vanilla flavor. One thing about vanilla is that it quickly fades as the days pass.

I want to make another attempt at this brew being a bit more careful with my mash temps and sparging. I might also save some out that has no bourbon, coffee, oak, or vanilla to be able to compare the two.


19 Lbs American Two Row Malt

2.5 Lbs Munich Malt

1.00 Lb Carmel/Crystal Malt (120 L)

½ Lb Carmel/Crystal Malt (40 L)

½ Lb Chocolate Malt

1 Lb Oatmeal

½  Lb. Black Patent Malt (Debittered)

¼ Lb Roasted Barley

3 oz Cascade (2 leaf, 1 pellets)

2 oz  Willamette (Finishing)

1 Teaspoon Yeast Nutrient

1 Teaspoon Irish Moss

Cultured American Ale Yeast

Seven Vanilla Beans, Oak Chips, and Coffee beans in spirits pitched into secondary.

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