Great Divide - Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti

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Chocolate_Oak_Aged_Yeti.jpgOccasionally I will pour an Imperial Stout that just takes by breath away, transports me into an alternate malty universe where thick rich creamy rivers flow along malted barley banks. This brew is not that one. I had a homebrew like that the other day it was amazing. Yeti is one of those beers that almost hits the perfect mark, but falls just a tiny bit short. So I guess it would follow that chocolate oak aged Yeti, would also be an excellent brew, but fall just short of being the perfect ale.

Poured at cellar temp, it has a beautiful, yet minimal, creamy brown head and is extremely dark. With an aroma of oak and malt, it is a smooth ale with an assertive acid bite. A little cinnamon is present both in the aroma and the taste. While not perceptibly hot it has a bit of a burn as it goes down. Hop bitterness lies on the tongue leaving a piney presence. It has just a little sweetness which is quickly overtaken by the bitter bite imparted by the chocolate nibs, and cayenne pepper that dominate this ale. Overall I like it, but I could do without the cayenne and acidic bite. While not something I will try again, it certainly holds its own in the world of complex Imperial Stouts.

Whew, so hot, I think this is one stout that could kill a cold.

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