Founders - Sweet Repute

Sweet_Repute.JPGThis week saw the release of Founders Sweet Repute. Sweet Repute is a maple syrup bourbon barrel aged wheat wine. It is formerly known as Nemesis 2009. Founders discontinued the Nemesis series due to infringement issues with a copyright claimed by DuClaw brewing.

A light brass color, with huge notes of caramel on the nose - this is a very balanced wheat wine. The hops are not dominant, just perfect. I find it to be reminiscent of Boltcutter. The barrel aging adds a very smooth balanced character. Nothing is over the top about this ale. I mean that in a good way, no one flavor dominates over the others. The other great thing about this ale, is that at present, there is plenty to go around. I would recommend picking up a bottle to try, and one to age. Although it doesn't need any aging what so ever. I put this pretty high on my list of backstage releases. Maybe right next to CBS. Fortunately the hype associated with the Goose Island releases has overshadowed Sweet Repute and allowed it to slip in under the radar.


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