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Typically at a beer tasting I like to bake my Stout Cake. A few folks have asked for the recipe. I have baked it in a loaf pan and it turns out well. You don't want it in a thin pan, you want the moist thick cake. Recently I have used a bundt cake pan which probably works best. One tip to get the cake to release is to coat the pan in oil or spray, then stick it in the freezer. Right before you are ready to throw it in the oven coat the pan with flour, or in the case of a dark cake like this one, use a little cocoa powder with your flour. Then pop it out the second you take it out of the oven.

The Recipe

235 ml Stout [1 cup]  (I like Black Chocolate Stout from Brooklyn or Yeti from great divide)

230 grams of unsalted butter [two sticks]

65 grams cocoa powder [3/4 cup]

230 grams flour [2 cups]

400 grams sugar [2 cups]

1.5 teaspoons baking soda

.75 teaspoon salt

2 Large eggs

160 grams sour cream [2/3 cup]

Oven Temp 350 (Bake 35 Minutes)

Melt butter with stout in a pan, once melted add in the cocoa powder and whisk.

Mix flour, sugar, baking soda, and salt. Mix eggs and sour cream and add to the flour mixture, then add in the stout chocolate mix. 

Sometimes I will do a frosting - but typically someone grabs a peice before I can get to that. 

Cake.pngpeice.jpg Pan.jpgbaked.jpg



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