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Beer Cellar Take Two

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My old Michigan house had the perfect cellar for storing those three hundred bottles of beer. It has been my intention for a while to use the chest freezer with the temperature controller for lagering. Currently I have all of my cellared beers stacked in boxes inside. It's really hard to know what you have and to find a particular beer. While I don't have the perfect cellar in the new home, I do have some unused space I plan to convert to a cellar. I have been posting the progress on twitter as of late. So far I have the space under the basement stairwell cleaned up, framed in, insulated, the exterior covered in drywall, and the interior sheeted with plywood and a cedar overlay. With some slate look tile for the floor. Given the concrete floor and at least one side being an exterior wall, I am hoping it will remain close to 55F year round. I plan to fabricate a hidden insulated door and shelving. Determining what I want to do exactly for shelving has been a bit of a challenge. Given the ceiling is at a 40 degree angle and it's all rather small and awkward haha. Follow me on twitter for updates. Here are some before and in progress views: Before,  Interior, and Tiling


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