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diamond sign.gifSo I am sitting here and it just hit me. My site has been down for so long that I have not even got to share great beer experiences I had two years ago. Some time ago I had to travel to Seattle, Washington for work, and of course sought out the local breweries while I was there. I visited Pikes Peak, Pyramid, and a host of little pubs. But just a little North of Seattle, by Everett, is a little place right on the water called Mukilteo. Downtown Mukilteo -  the town can be measured in square feet so whatever downtown means - there is a little hole in the wall known as the Diamond Knot. Granted it has been a while so I forget the intimate details of all the brews I tried. But I they had a great IPA, and Stout. In fact all their brews were incredible. In addition they had a couple of taps for the Miller Lite drinkers of the world. If you order a steak they bring it out mostly uncooked (just wait) on a searing hot brick. Yeah it might sound odd, but it's perfect. The steak sizzles to perfection on the brick making each piece freshly cooked and perfectly juicy. You have an onion or two to prop it up in case you eat slow and don't want a carbon steak. If you ever make it to Seattle you will be doing yourself a great disservice to not visit the Diamond Knot. It's quite possibly the coolest brewpub I have ever been to.

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