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OGLogoTall.pngA few months ago I found myself sitting at the Arbor Brewing's Corner Brewery brewpub in Ypsilanti. For those of you who don't already know this, they brew a Sacred Cow I.P.A which is incredible. Unfortunately the incredible ends there.They make a Olde Number 22 German Alt which according to the folks at Siciliano's used to be good before the yeast took over and subdued the brewmaster in a K.O. which could only have been good for the trub. While sitting enjoying their atmosphere and an IPA, a couple of regulars told me about OG. So the next evening - in the worst blizzard of last winter - I cautiously egg stepped my way down to Milan Michigan. Thanks to Bridgestone and Google I made it there safely. The little place is really something, with a prop hanging from one wall, board games stocking the shelves on a small book case, and shiny stainless fermentation tanks set in the glow of red pixie lights and LEDS silhouetting the bar.

Stefanos the bartender was washing dishes in the back, his girlfreind was enjoying a pint, and the snow was accumulating softly on the ground outside the window. Every single ale they make is perfect, honest. The owner and brewmaster Brad Sancho, is a mechanical engineer turned brewmaster. There is just something about engineers, they make great beer. I honestly think this is no accident, something about the methodical precision of engineering is just what it takes to make great ale. Stefanos offered me a few samples of everything on tap including the OG Pale Ale, and Southpaw IPA. I was super impressed, but then I am a bit of a hophead. If you hate hops just be careful at OG, they don't mess around.  I ordered a pastrami sandwich consisting of top round beef pastrami, horseradish sauce, lettuce tomato, & red onion and for me, no cheese. Quite tasty, something I can't say for dinner the night prior. It was pretty much the perfect brewpub experience.

At the Michigan Brewers Guild Winter Beer Fest I met Brad. Not only did he have the Bellywasher Scotch Ale on tap, he was the only - yep the only - guy washing out glasses to give you a clean pallet. So yeah he is pretty much the coolest guy ever, with the coolest brewpub in East Michigan.

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