Bear Republic Racer 5

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Bear_Republic_Racer_5.jpgHere is a brew that has been around for a while from what I can tell. I was reading a beer book printed in 2010 and it cited Racer 5 on it's list. Not everybody makes those 'beers of the world' type books, you generally have to be fairly well known. But in the case of Michigan, Racer 5 is new from what I can tell; I don't think it has been on shelves too long. It has a great cascade hop bouquet, a medium body, and is a highly carbonated coppery gold IPA. I would say it's on par with Bell's Two Hearted, for all you folks who like to hate on two hearted, go jump off a brewpot. Try this one if you haven't already, it's a really good brew.

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